Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Zeorian girls — Callie, 14, and Taylor, 17 — Manley, Neb.

Actually, the hometown for the Zeorian girls’ changes as often as the weather. Literally. Because they are part of their family’s custom combine company, Zeorian Harvesting. So from Memorial Day to Labor Day, Callie, Taylor, their mom, Tracy, and dad, Jim, make their way from Texas to Canada, harvesting wheat as it ripens. The Zeorians other two daughters, Jamie, 26, and Jenna, 24, were also part of the family business until recently.

"Harvesting is all I have known for most of my life," Tracy wrote as a guest blogger recently on Agriculture Proud. “My husband was a hired man for my grandparents and we did not intend to follow the harvest after we got married. God had other plans. We have raised our four daughters on the road.”

These photos show the story of a work day. The crew was in the field cleaning equipment, removing the wheat chaff and dirt before loading it up and moving north, Tracy reported to us on Facebook.

Callie and Tracy dug the debris out while Jim and Taylor used the air hose and leaf blower to blow off the rest. After they were done, they had the lunch of champions, at McDonald’s, the girls’ favorite.

To learn more about the Zeorian’s life on the road as custom harvesters, check out Tracy’s very fine blog at